Case Studies

Month:October 2023
A Tightening Resolution
2023-10-27   HKQCC

Today's inspection involved small desk lamps. During testing, the inspector unexpectedly discovered a critical issue: the lampshade and connecting rod could rotate easily. This raised concerns because...
Decisive Differences in Barcodes and Model Numbers
2023-10-17   HKQCC

During inspections, cross-referencing product barcodes and model numbers is of paramount importance. In this case, we were tasked with inspecting two varieties of desktop organization stands, but the ...
Discrepancies in Pet Water Dispensers
2023-10-17   HKQCC

In cases where detailed inspection data isn't provided by the client, the product manual and packaging become crucial reference materials for comparing product details and functionalities. In this rec...
Manufacturing Discrepancy in Pet Ladders
2023-10-17   HKQCC

In this case, we dealt with a quality inspection of pet ladders. This product is designed to be assembled from multiple components due to transportation requirements (photo 2). On that particular day,...
Quality Implications of a Pet Chew Toy with Sound Function
2023-10-16   HKQCC

This case study involves the quality inspection of 26,928 pieces within 374 cartons of Dog chew balls equipped with a whistle sound feature.   During the inspection, each product underwent simu...
A Lesson in Bamboo Fencing Inspection
2023-10-03   HKQCC

This case describes our experience in the reinspection of bamboo used for weaving fences.   In a previous inspection, the bamboo was heavily affected by pest damage and breakage, falling short ...