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Benefits of Pre-shipment Inspection in Global Sourcing
2023-02-06   HKQCC

Final Random Inspection With the massive shifting of manufacturing capacity to developing countries such as China, Vietnam, India and other Asia Countries, the importers and traders of the developed ...
Advantages of Choosing AQL Inspection Method Over Others
2023-02-06   HKQCC

Many of you must have bought products that are manufactured overseas, and you may have also wondered about how product inspectors decide on the number of units to inspect. You might have also heard th...
AQL Inspection Service – Why is it Important in QC?
2023-02-06   HKQCC

AQL (Acceptable Quality Levels or Acceptable Quality Limits) is defined as the highest number of defects allowed in a certain percentage of an entire order. Normally, the QC of products is done throug...