Our Asia Inspection Services

HKQCC provides Quality Inspection and Audit Services in Asia experienced in inspecting a wide categories of consumer products e.g. garments, premiums, toys, sports related products, electronic products, beauty accessories etc. Our one-stop Asia inspection services help our customers to know more about their products' quality so that they can make better decision on the shipments. Our professional inspection service team provide service up to industrial standard, we verify product quality issue which meeting customers' quality requirements. We provide detailed and unbiased reports showing our customers clearly all different aspects of the products and any possible quality issue.

Sedex (SMETA)

  • Labour Standard
  • Health and Safety
  • The Environment
  • Business Ethics

Your benefits

1To ease the burden facing multiple audits, questionnaires and certifications

2To drive ethical improvements in global supply chains

3Easily access audit and share information of your working groups on supply chains

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Employees are valuable resources to company. In Sedex (SMETA) audit, it covered local laws, Ethical Trading Initiative, following ILO base code which evaluates workers human rights

1Employment is freely chosen, no forced labour

2Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining

3Child Labour

4Reasonable Wages and Benefits

5Without Discrimination/ Harassment

6Regular Employment and have contracts etc.

Recent arising health & safety problems in factories draw global attention to workers’ working condition. Customers are more and more concern about workers’ health and safety conditions, facilities. Below points will include during audit.

1Personal protective equipment

2Toilets and sanitation

3First aid equipment and qualified staff

4Fire equipment and emergency equipment

5Hazardous substances storage, handling and disposal etc.

An extension part of Sedex (SMETA) aims to reduce negative environmental impact and unwanted environmental outcomes. Having a good environment manage system and being responsible environmental protector can improve company's image and reputation.

1Meet local national and international environmental standards.

2Wastewater / exhaust air discharge system

3Environmental equipment

4Environmental targets and achievements

5Safe chemical storage and disposal system

6Sustainability improvements in environmental performance

Customers who purchase products want to know the product they are buying has been produced in a responsible and ethical way. They look for trustworthy and responsible business partner with below qualification:

1Without bribery, corruption

2Transparent system in place for confidentially reporting

3Standards concerning Business Ethics