Our Asia Inspection Services

HKQCC provides Quality Inspection and Audit Services in Asia experienced in inspecting a wide categories of consumer products e.g. garments, premiums, toys, sports related products, electronic products, beauty accessories etc. Our one-stop Asia inspection services help our customers to know more about their products' quality so that they can make better decision on the shipments. Our professional inspection service team provide service up to industrial standard, we verify product quality issue which meeting customers' quality requirements. We provide detailed and unbiased reports showing our customers clearly all different aspects of the products and any possible quality issue.

When to do a 100% inspection?


Keep quality branding — We check the quality of entire batch to sort out defective pieces so that no defective pieces are being sold to keep high-quality branding.


History of return products — To pinpoint defective issues of recent shipment, we sort out the previous potential defectives from the batch to safe from accidentally ship out.


To make sure only acceptable quality products will be packed — Sorting good acceptable quality products with immediately action to seal cartons in order to prevent defective pieces sold to your clients.


Remark —"Full Check” is to inspect every single piece of the whole shipment and only accepted pieces would be packed and sealed into export carton for shipment while “Final Random Inspection” is to check the products by random selection of the whole batch which is the most economical way.