Full Check

What is 100% Full Check?

100% Full Check is checking of all product & packaging of the entire shipment. By inspecting each piece of products, defectives can be sorted out per client specify quality standard. It is suggested to conduct when goods are 100% finished but before packed. There is a high probability of making faulty products in a batch due to faulty machines or human intervention. Full Check can take away all defective products for shipment and ensure product quality is up to certain standard.

Why 100% Full Check is so important?

  • Eliminate and rework of the all-defective products in shipment.
  • Guarantee your order is under quality control before turning to unexpected loss.
  • Improve your customer’s satisfaction and reduce bad review, saved return and delivery cost that brings long-term benefits to boost your sales.
  • Products after 100% Full Check can be free from potential high rate of defectives or if you lack of confidence to the batch after random inspection.
  • Shipment can be arranged immediately once after 100% Full Check completed.
  • Take initiative control of the product quality to eliminate problematic products.