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Factory audit services will help improve the quality of your suppliers
2023-06-04   HKQCC

Factory audits are very important for accessing the quality of the product finally going into the market. It is the program aimed at assessing a facility’s quality systems and capabilities in ac...
What is the importance of factory audits?
2023-06-04   HKQCC

Factory audit is important for industries and factories to come up with a quality final product. Performing a factory audit will help the understanding of facility’s strengths and weaknesses rel...
Do I Need To Do A Factory Audit?
2023-06-04   HKQCC

Everyone is tense when placing their first order. In addition to the quality of the products, we also focus on the scale and production process of the factory. Besides the pre-shipment inspection, the...
How Is The Difference Between SA8000 and Sedex?
2023-06-04   HKQCC

If you want to audit your factory, to assess whether the workers in the factory are working in a humane working environment, or whether their work is treated reasonably, we can perform Sedex audit or ...