Pre-shipment inspection

Is there any importance of Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)?

It is referred as the systematic inspection of units selected randomly from all batches of the order, after completion of 80% of the production process. This is also regarded as the final opportunity to take corrective action before the product is packed.

What do we offer?

  • We make sure that the imported goods comply with the specification and on the agreed terms.
  • We will ensure the safe and sound performance of the products with their certain quality
  • We ensure the safety of the product through proper packaging.
  • We observe conformity to rules and regulations of the importing country.

This is the way it works...

  • A physical inspection of goods is carried out first establishing the exact nature of the goods.
  • We study customer inspection criteria and production history, point out the quality issue at your concerns
  • Let you to make timely decision before taking step to release the shipment.
  • Then the certificate is issued to the importer and that is used to substantiate the clearing of goods