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The 3 Tips to Address Packaging Requirements to Suppliers before Pre-Shipment Inspection
2022-06-24   HKQCC

Checking packaging quality is one of the major steps in Pre-Shipment Inspection. Before the products are ready to load for the sail, it’s important to check the packaging quality so that yo...
What is Pre-Shipment Inspection for Quality Control?
2022-06-24   HKQCC

Pre-shipment inspection is an essential part of supply chain management that holds an important role in Quality Control after the production process. It checks the quality of the newly manuf...
Commonly Asked Questions on Pre-Shipment Inspection
2022-06-24   HKQCC

In the world of businesses, quality remains the priority as it affects the degree of customer satisfaction, and in turn the reputation of a business. There are several types of quality control inspect...
Why is it important to have product quality Inspection before shipment?
2022-06-24   HKQCC

In the product manufacturing industry, the examination of the products is essential and plays a pivotal role. Pre-shipment inspection is a quality control process. It is usually carried out at the imp...
Pre-Shipment Inspection: 7 Steps to Reduce Losses and Increase Customer Satisfaction
2022-06-24   HKQCC

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) can protect us from faults and excessive product defects. However, it is costly and inconvenient for any company to send an in-house quality inspection team overseas when...