Case Studies

Month:September 2023
Product inspection: Unyielding Commitment to Testing Standards
2023-09-28   HKQCC

This case describes our experience during a hook inspection, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to testing standards.   The inspection was proceeding smoothly until we reached the function...
Production inspection: Attention to Detail - Snap Button Issue in Skiwear Accessories
2023-09-20   HKQCC

In a recent inspection, We examined men's and boys' skiwear. Ski garments are complicated, featuring numerous accessories, each with various functions requiring testing. These included metal and plast...
Production inspection: Precision Matters in Plush Toy Checks
2023-09-20   HKQCC

During one stuffed toys inspection, sometimes fabric is used for things like doll hats and clothes. Even though these fabric bits are small, factories often try to save material by cutting them effici...