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Commerce in Terms of Inspection Company in China
2020-04-27   HKQCC

This has been well stated that a lot of white space has been taken for a long time on this discussion of this topic over and over again. But, given the importance of the subject, it isn’t surpri...
What is the importance of factory audits?
2020-04-27   HKQCC

Factory audit is important for industries and factories to come up with a quality final product. Performing a factory audit will help the understanding of facility’s strengths and weaknesses rel...
Processing of Factory Audits in an Economically Smart Manner
2020-04-27   HKQCC

As the world has bent upon becoming a global market, it happens to come as no big a revelation that export and import, both the sectors have decently bagged a lot of attention over the due course of t...
Do I Need To Do A Factory Audit?
2020-08-01   HKQCC

Everyone is tense when placing their first order. In addition to the quality of the products, we also focus on the scale and production process of the factory. Besides the pre-shipment inspection, the...
Three Steps to Assess Your Suppliers When Sourcing from Asia
2021-04-15   HKQCC

When you are sourcing raw materials, finished products, spare parts, or anything from another country to sell in your country, there is always a risk because you are not there to control the manufactu...