Tag:Quality Inspection
The Importance of Quality Inspection for Importers
2021-09-20   HKQCC

Did you experience excessive defects in products after receiving the shipment as an importer? The importer needs to get the final products inspected at the right time to save on time and money. As a b...
Requirements For Inspection Of Medical Masks
2020-05-13   HKQCC

COVID-19 is raging around the world. In the case of insufficient medical supplies, many countries have purchased medical supplies from other places, such as masks, protective clothing, and eye masks. ...
Improve Product Quality by Understanding Different Types of Quality Inspections
2020-09-19   HKQCC

For any importer, product quality and product safety are extremely vital. You would not want to face a situation where your products are deemed unsafe or unsuitable for consumers. When products break...
Top Factors that Impact the Value of a Country’s Exports and Imports
2020-10-26   HKQCC

Almost every country on the globe relies on imports and exports by air, sea, and road routes. In fact, healthy and fair trade allows countries to thrive and bloom by fulfilling their own needs and hel...
Why and How Auditing and Quality Inspection Help Cut Down Overall Cost
2020-11-23   HKQCC

When it comes to cutting costs or reducing the budget, many executives request cost-cutting in all areas. But, it is not an effective approach to reduce the overall cost. In some cases, there requires...