Case Studies

Month:November 2023
Pre-shipment inspection: Hangtag Print Residue
2023-11-14   HKQCC

In this case, we discovered a noteworthy issue while examining pink-colored products during product inspection. The hangtags appeared to be adhered to the products, leaving behind black residues on th...
Product inspection: Mold on Nail Files
2023-11-14   HKQCC

The product inspection in this case is nail files made from compressed composite wood powder. During the inspection, the inspector opened the packaging and noticed white spots on some of the products....
Scrutinizing a Scratched Situation
2023-11-01   HKQCC

In this case, we received a pre-inspection notification from the factory, stating that production was 100% complete. However, upon arrival, the inspector found only 50% of the products were ready. The...
Product inspection: An Enduring Date Mistake
2023-11-01   Admin

In this case, during a product inspection, the inspector identified a glaring issue while cross-referencing the information on the product's packaging. The production date printed on the box read May ...