Month:July 2022
What are the reasons for reaching out to a third-party inspection company?
2022-07-29   HKQCC

A third-party inspection company is an independent body that provides the services of inspecting the production process and final products to help you make the decision about its quality, and at the s...
Why do small batches of goods still need a pre-shipment inspection?
2022-07-21   HKQCC

Nowadays, there are many small companies or one-person businesses that purchase products from China and sell them locally or online. Due to cost and scale, they may not able to purchase large quantiti...
Why you need a pre-shipment inspection?
2022-07-08   HKQCC

Pre-shipment inspection is one of the most important things to do before delivering the product to the customers. This is to ensure that the products that the factory manufactured or produced are of h...