Month:January 2022
Value of Quality Control Inspections for Manufacturers
2022-01-27   HKQCC

Consumer protection regulations are rigorous and with legislation constantly changing and becoming more stringent as serious incidents occur. Safety and the protection of a company's reputation are al...
What are the Key Steps of Final Product Inspection?
2022-01-19   HKQCC

Final Product Inspection When importers look at a product inspection report, they must understand the steps of inspection process before the report arrives in their inbox. It is important to know ho...
The Roles of Product Inspection in Maintaining Quality
2022-01-12   HKQCC

Businesses look for the best products for sale in the market to keep up with the brand name! Quality of products needs to be maintained at the right way for the success of the products and generate go...
How important is China Product Inspection for your business?
2022-01-05   HKQCC

China’s Weight in Global Trade Mr. Ren Hongbin, Vice Minister of Commerce of PRC told the press on 30th Dec 2021 that China’s foreign trade expected to reach $6.1 trillion for the whole 2...