Month:December 2021
What You Must Not Do When Sourcing Products from Asian Suppliers
2021-12-28   HKQCC

With the increased popularity of e-commerce supplier websites in Asia like, more and more businesses around the world are now sourcing products from Asian B2B companies online. However, wh...
Quality Inspection Services for Contract Manufacturing in China
2021-12-24   HKQCC

Contract Manufacturing in China China is the global manufacturing hub. The China government has successfully contained the pandemic that has further strengthened China’s position in the global ...
Advantages of Hiring a Hong Kong Inspection Company for Your Asian Product Inspections?
2021-12-17   HKQCC

Asian Product Inspections Retailing Chains, E-commerce Sellers and Consumer Product Importers mostly would need to buy some merchandises from China and Asian manufacturers. As product inspection is e...
What is a Full Inspection and When Should You Use It?
2021-12-10   HKQCC

Third-Party Product inspection is essential in product sourcing With the migration of supply chain and production capacity from the developed countries to the developing regions, the sourcing strateg...
How do China Product Inspection Services help Global Sourcing?
2021-12-02   HKQCC

China is now the undeniable prime sourcing destination The global manufacturing supply chain has undergone drastic changes in recent years. Major manufacturing hubs have shifted to countries in Asia ...