Month:October 2021
Ensure Quality Production with Vietnam Inspection Services
2021-10-30   HKQCC

As China has been moving away from labor intensive industries to segments weight much on technologies and capital, many Asian countries are quickly moving in to fill the vacancy, Vietnam is on of them...
Benefits of Pre-shipment Inspection in Global Sourcing
2021-10-19   HKQCC

Final Random Inspection With the massive shifting of manufacturing capacity to developing countries such as China, Vietnam, India and other Asia Countries, the importers and traders of the developed ...
Asia Inspection - An Important Part of Your Supply Chain Strategy
2021-10-11   HKQCC

Asia Quality Inspection Product quality inspections are important for any serious importers to protect themselves against product quality risk. Asia quality inspection is becoming much important due ...
How does China production inspection service make a difference?
2021-10-04   HKQCC

Product production and product inspection Most of the modern merchandises are produced in large quantity in factories. The mass production process requires systematic evaluation and control of many f...