Month:April 2021
Different Types of Production Inspection in Hong Kong
2021-04-05   HKQCC

Production inspection is an essential element of quality control. It enables you to assess product quality on-site at multiple stages of the production process and before shipment. To prevent qualit...
Three Steps to Assess Your Suppliers When Sourcing from Asia
2021-04-15   HKQCC

When you are sourcing raw materials, finished products, spare parts, or anything from another country to sell in your country, there is always a risk because you are not there to control the manufactu...
Pre-Shipment Inspection: 7 Steps to Reduce Losses and Increase Customer Satisfaction
2021-04-26   HKQCC

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) can protect us from faults and excessive product defects. However, it is costly and inconvenient for any company to send an in-house quality inspection team overseas when...