Month:February 2021
Top 4 Aspects of Quality Inspection for E-Commerce Quality Control
2021-02-08   HKQCC

In the year 2020, Ecommerce sales skyrocketed. Many companies struggled with quality control issues during this period. Also, during this time, all aspects of society experienced the change in digital...
Commonly Asked Questions on Pre-Shipment Inspection
2021-02-15   HKQCC

In the world of businesses, quality remains the priority as it affects the degree of customer satisfaction, and in turn the reputation of a business. There are several types of quality control inspect...
Why is Production Inspection Essential for Successful Product Development Life Cycle?
2021-02-22   HKQCC

Production inspection is a vital part of Quality Control and testing during any product development life cycle. It holds the same importance as any other activities, including research &...