Month:November 2020
The 3 Types of Product Inspection
2020-11-02   HKQCC

As a manufacturer, you often think that every product manufactured in your unit is great with guaranteed quality. But for a moment, consider yourself as an importer or buyer who is waiting for the pro...
Important Questions to Ask when Looking for a Reliable Product Inspection Company
2020-11-09   HKQCC

A majority of the business people nowadays tend to invest in Product Inspection Service in China. This is to ensure that the products that they manufactured or produced are of high quality and sa...
Why and How Auditing and Quality Inspection Help Cut Down Overall Cost
2020-11-23   HKQCC

When it comes to cutting costs or reducing the budget, many executives request cost-cutting in all areas. But, it is not an effective approach to reduce the overall cost. In some cases, there requires...
Third-Party Inspection: When and Why Do You Need It?
2020-11-30   HKQCC

As an importer, from the time you place your order to a supplier to the time you receive the delivery is complicated. You get lots of questions in your mind like- Is the supplier real?  Are they ...