Month:August 2020
Do I Need To Do A Factory Audit?
2020-08-01   HKQCC

Everyone is tense when placing their first order. In addition to the quality of the products, we also focus on the scale and production process of the factory. Besides the pre-shipment inspection, the...
How Is The Difference Between SA8000 and Sedex?
2020-08-08   HKQCC

If you want to audit your factory, to assess whether the workers in the factory are working in a humane working environment, or whether their work is treated reasonably, we can perform Sedex audit or ...
5 Reasons Why Importers are Using Third-Party Product Inspection
2020-08-10   HKQCC

One of the greatest fears of an importer is that their product might not match the specifications when they receive it. Sometimes, factory workers don’t perform the right tests to ensure that th...
When Will The Full Check Be Performed?
2020-08-16   HKQCC

Full Check means all the goods to be shipped in this batch need to be inspected, each piece of goods will be rigorously inspected by the inspector before the shipment.   There are mainly severa...
Six Precedence of Product Inspection Service
2020-08-17   HKQCC

In China, Product inspection service defends item quality during your entire buyer goods supply chain with exceptional involvement with managing a wide range of assessment programs. Numerous organiza...
What Are The Risks If Not Doing Product Inspection?
2020-08-22   HKQCC

We have encountered many customers who have money and time loss because they did not conduct product inspection in the first purchase. After that, they try to do the product inspection and understand ...