Month:July 2020
When should product inspection be performed?
2020-07-08   HKQCC

Always receive the question ask when the product inspection should be carried out and should start immediately after placing the order? Or carried out before shipment?   There are many differen...
Benefits of Pre-shipment Inspection and Hiring a Reliable Inspection Company
2020-07-13   HKQCC

In international trade transactions, one of the biggest challenges for importers is to ensure that the quality of the goods shipped conforms to the qualifications stated on the sales contract. Import...
3 Reasons Why Pre-shipment Inspection Is So Important
2020-07-17   HKQCC

Many merchants and manufacturers obtain samples, they will place the orders directly to arrange shipments and ignore the pre-shipment inspection, when they received the product, there have various pro...
How should Exporters Prepare for the Pre-Shipment Inspection?
2020-07-18   HKQCC

Pre-shipment inspection is an attempt or step taken by importers to ensure that goods entering their country are properly valued, the duty is properly assessed and the goods are in good quality. Besid...
Fulfillment by Amazon Packaging Inspection Requirements
2020-07-22   HKQCC

Customers always ask about the pre-shipment inspection requirements of Fulfillment by Amazon. Do we provide this type of service? Today we will introduce the pre-shipment requirements of Fulfillment b...