Month:May 2020
How can the Pre-Shipment Inspection solve the logistic problems?
2020-05-02   HKQCC

When your products ready for production, before shipping to all around the world, are you sure those package of the products is conform to the import country standard?   There are many differen...
A Beginner’s Guide to Product Inspection
2020-05-11   HKQCC

Delivering flawless products to clients is the ultimate goal of any supplier or importer. But, believing any manufacturer for procuring products is not a wise choice unless you are sure that you are p...
Requirements For Inspection Of Medical Masks
2020-05-13   HKQCC

COVID-19 is raging around the world. In the case of insufficient medical supplies, many countries have purchased medical supplies from other places, such as masks, protective clothing, and eye masks. ...
Benefits of Hiring a Third Party Inspection Team
2020-05-18   HKQCC

A third party is an independent body that provides the services of inspecting the production process and final products to help you make the decision about its quality, and at the same time ensure tha...
Can Small Merchants Do Product Inspection?
2020-05-25   HKQCC

In the United States or Europe, there are many small companies or one-person businesses that buy products from the mainland, and sell them locally or online. Due to cost and scale, they may not able t...
Things to Look for in a Quality Control Company
2020-05-25   HKQCC

In Asia, quality control companies are in abundance and are increasing in numbers each day. This is understandable as Asia, is home to a large number of manufacturers exporting various products to the...