Why is it important to have product quality Inspection before shipment?

Why is it important to have product quality Inspection before shipment?

Pre-Shipment Inspection
2021-03-22   HKQCC

In the product manufacturing industry, the examination of the products is essential and plays a pivotal role. Pre-shipment inspection is a quality control process. It is usually carried out at the importer’s premises by independent product inspection service companies.

In the consumer goods industry where quality is imperative, product quality inspection is a must. If the products are of inferior quality, the customer’s will complaint and give negative feedbacks. In return, it will affect the reputation of the company badly.

If you source your products from China, China product inspection service will protect you against surprises. It will ensure that the products are as per the quality standards prescribed in the contract and the product manual. Good product quality helps you to build a strong brand image in the long run.

Procedures conducted by a Quality Inspector in Product Inspection Before Shipment:

Firstly, the quality inspector requires the factory workers to assist with the inspection. In the factory, the workers help:

  • Transporting the randomly selected export cartons from the warehouses to the inspection room
  • Unpacking the products that the inspector chooses from the export cartons
  • Repack the products back to the cartons after the pre-shipment inspection completed.
Quality Control Company
Quality Control Company

Importance of Addressing Quality-Check Before Shipment:

  1. Product inspection can be conducted at any time – before, during, or after the production. But in general, pre-shipment inspection is conducted when 100% finished and at least 80% packed of the goods. It also included packaging checks.
  2. Factories usually do not pack units one by one as they come off the production line. Instead, they wait until production is close to finishing and then packing goods in bulk. It would be better to communicate with inspection companies and reserve the inspection date in advance to avoid urgent inspection. Besides, there are a probability of significant defects found during the inspection. So, avoid reschedule of ship date, plan the ship out several days after inspection to make sure it has enough time for the factory to address the defects.
  3. The product inspection can be divided into three stages:
  4. When placing your order, arrange and book a pre-shipment inspection service.
  5. Provide the quality control checklist to both supplier and inspection company. Provide retail packaging design files, inspection criteria to inspection companies
  6. China pre-inspection service can assure the whole shipment’s quality as well as its quantity level. Keep in mind that pre-shipment inspection service is the last line of defense against receiving large quantities of defective products.

The Bottom Line

Providing requirements to your supplier helps you to get quality products. Product inspection service can help to take corrective actions in time. It can also limit the risks in case the supplier refuses to inspect the correct sample size. Thus, conducting the pre-shipment inspection is crucial for every industry.

If you are looking for a quality product inspection service, consider their experience, reputation, and reliability.

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