When Will The Full Check Be Performed?

When Will The Full Check Be Performed?

Product Inspection
2020-08-16   HKQCC

Full Check means all the goods to be shipped in this batch need to be inspected, each piece of goods will be rigorously inspected by the inspector before the shipment.


There are mainly several types of clients who require full check:

(1) Customers who place an order with the manufacturer for the first time

Customers will be very nervous when they conduct a transaction for the first time. Even if they have received samples before the purchase, they still have doubts about the quality of the products. For peace of mind, the guests will ask for a full check, hoping that the products are in full compliance with the requirements. It can increase their confidence in purchasing.


(2) Luxury merchants

If the goods are luxury products, such as handbags, watches, it cannot accept any blemishes, or the customers have very high requirements for the products, a full check may also be required. To ensures the product meets the standards.


(3) Reduce the chance of making mistakes again

The last type of customers who require a full check may be that after the first inspection, the quality of the product is not up to standard, and various problems occur. In order to protect future purchases, the full check is performed to check the factory has made improvements to the problem and evaluate the possibility of future purchases.


If I want to perform a full check, is there anything I need to pay attention to?

The full check involves more procedures than normal inspections. Although the inspection items are the same, it requires more time and manpower.


The most important thing for the full check is the cooperation of the factory because the inspector requires every product to be inspected, and the factory needs to be repacked and sealed again. Some factories may refuse to provide full check services due to location or time reasons. So it must be communicated with the manufacturer before arranging the full check.


The time required for full check varies with the number of goods. The more the number of goods, the more manpower and time are required. The cost of the full check will also increase, and cost factors need to be considered.


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