When should product inspection be performed?

When should product inspection be performed?

Product Inspection
2020-07-08   HKQCC

Always receive the question ask when the product inspection should be carried out and should start immediately after placing the order? Or carried out before shipment?


There are many different answers, and ultimately it depends on your needs. Here are some suggestions for you!


Product inspection is divided into three different periods: IPC, DUPRO, and FRI


Initial Production Check (IPC)

The initial production check is carried out when the product starts production. The purpose is to check whether the materials used in the production process are correct and whether the production process meets the requirements and specifications to reduce production errors.


During Production Check (DUPRO)

The during production check is started at production over 25% of the product. The purpose is to inspect the quality of the semi-manufactured product or the finished product, compare whether the product produced meets expectations and standards, ensure the average quality of production, and reduce damage during mass production.


Final Random Inspection (FRI)

The final random inspection also called pre-shipment inspection, is carried out after all products have been produced and more than 80% of the packaging has been completed. The inspector will unpack and check whether the goods align to the inspection items, as well as the packaging quantity and standard of each box.


Remember these three tips and choose the right test!

  1. Initial Production Check focuses on production materials
  2. During Production Check focuses on the production process
  3. Final Random Inspection focuses on product quality and packaging specifications. 


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