What Are The Risks If Not Doing Product Inspection?

What Are The Risks If Not Doing Product Inspection?

Product Inspection
2020-08-22   HKQCC

We have encountered many customers who have money and time loss because they did not conduct product inspection in the first purchase. After that, they try to do the product inspection and understand why is it so important, then they became a long-term partner with us. How important is product inspection? What are the risks if not to do so?


(1) Money Loss

In addition to the cost of the product itself, there are also many hidden costs involved in the process from the production of the product to the transportation to the destination, such as packaging, disassembly, logistics, and storage… etc. If you inspect the product when the product reaches the destination and find a problem, you may unable to confront the manufacturer, the manufacturer may think that it is a logistics issue or other reasons that are unwilling to compensate or replace the goods. In the end, you can only get a batch of defective goods, but you cannot supply them to your customers, and you need to spend manpower to process the shipments and store the goods.


If you go through our product inspection and the problem is found before shipment, the manufacturer can correct or deal with the problem, and you can also reduce other unnecessary expenses.


(2) Time Loss

The relationship between money and time is closely intertwined. Even if you have sufficient funds and affordable the additional costs above, you still cannot catch up with time. If your products need to be exported to other countries or resold to other sellers, and the product defects were discovered after arriving at the destination. You need to ask the manufacturer to send the goods again, but the shipping time cannot be estimated. Your order may be delayed, and the goods may not be exported or resold as scheduled.


Product inspection requires time to process and requires the cooperation of the manufacturer, but it only takes 1-2 days, it can help the merchant fully control the entire transaction process, understand which step is wrong, and make immediate corrections and adjustments.


(3) Damaged Brand Image

You may have encountered it when online shopping, you have not received the goods after the estimated delivery time by the merchant, you will have lower trust in the merchant and doubt whether there is a problem with the product? Are you cheated? Even if you receive the goods without problems later, you may not have the next purchase again.


The above situation may be due to the company haven’t done the product inspection, the goods need to be replaced because the problem is found when the goods are received. However, due to delays in delivery or other reasons, the despatched date of all subsequent orders being delayed, customers cannot receive the goods as scheduled, doubt the brand, and the quality of the goods, which damages the loyalty of customers to your brand.


For product inspection, you only need to pay a limited cost, but you can avoid the opportunity to bear the inestimable loss of money and time in the future, and you can maintain your brand image.


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