Requirements For Inspection Of Medical Masks

Requirements For Inspection Of Medical Masks

Product Inspection
2020-05-13   HKQCC

COVID-19 is raging around the world. In the case of insufficient medical supplies, many countries have purchased medical supplies from other places, such as masks, protective clothing, and eye masks. When purchasing medical materials from other places, what should be paid attention to during inspection?


Many mask suppliers or manufacturers have tested and registered masks in accordance with EU standards when selling masks to ensure that the masks have certain protection or are suitable for medical personnel. But beyond that, there are many places to be tested.


Even the material of the mask itself has reached the standard, there are inevitable errors or mistakes in the packaging and manufacturing process of the manufacturer; HKQCC provides strict inspection on the packaging to ensure that the goods meet the requirements in packaging and function.


Besides the materials, packaging and production are equally important


Have you ever tried the mask which has a dirty ear hook? Have you ever tried the ear hook that was broken while wearing a mask? Or the mask is full of smell? These are all in the place where you need to check!


When purchasing an entrance mask, in addition to paying attention to whether the manufacturer’s materials pass the standard, also check whether the packaging meets the criteria!