Process of Product Inspection in China

Process of Product Inspection in China

China Product Inspection Services
2020-06-11   HKQCC

Product Inspection in China

In the process of product inspection in China, you may communicate with us via email or phone. After the inspection, you will receive the inspection report. In fact, there are many steps that we need to prepare during the inspection process until we completed the inspection.


Step 1: Assist in adjusting the sample size

Many customers do not have the idea of the unit of inspections and think that the higher quality in more inspection samples. The industry and HKQCC have standard specifications to recommend the sampling quantity, depending on the total quantity ordered, the inspection sample and the acceptance of inspection results are different.


HKQCC will formulate the inspection plans suitable for customers according to the quantity ordered by customers


Step 2: Confirm the inspection items

Do you know what items need to be inspected? We help you!


Our team has a rich inspection experience. After confirming the sample size, we will review your inspection requirements, understand the nature and type of the product, then provide inspection suggestions. Even the customer has no idea about the inspection, we can provide some suggestions.


Step 3: Confirm the time and location

The entire inspection process is usually completed within one working day. HKQCC’s inspectors stationed in various parts of China. After confirming the time and location, we will assign the inspectors to work on the day.


The inspectors of HKQCC have experience for long and rigorous training to comply with the inspection. For the sake of fairness, the inspectors will not know the products, manufacturers or items of the inspection before they are formally assigned; and HKQCC will also regularly update the inspector’s stationed area to prevent inspectors from being frequently assigned to repeated manufacturers.


Step 4: Conduct inspection

The inspector inspects the product according to the items. Each item will be photographed to prove. During the inspection process, if the inspector finds there are problems out of the inspection items, they will be marked and photographed for records to provide guests with reference.


During the entire inspection, the manufacturer will not know the inspection items and inspector information through us, and the inspection report will be sent to the customer directly, to confirm that we are a third-party inspection company and no contact with the factory to ensure fairness.


Step 5: Prepare inspection report

After completes the inspection, we will prepare an inspection report according to the inspection items. Each item is provided with a photo so the customer can have a clearer and more detailed understanding of the inspection results. In addition, some details and problems out of the inspection items will also be listed in the report for reference.


The report will be handed over to the customer as soon as possible, avoid delaying the customer’s shipping arrangements or handle other procedures.


HKQCC has extensive inspection experience and provides various types of inspection services in China and Vietnam. Our customer base is distributed everywhere, e.g. Europe, the United States, Russia…


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