How Is The Difference Between SA8000 and Sedex?

How Is The Difference Between SA8000 and Sedex?

Factory Audit
2020-08-08   HKQCC

If you want to audit your factory, to assess whether the workers in the factory are working in a humane working environment, or whether their work is treated reasonably, we can perform Sedex audit or SA8000 for the factory.


What is the difference between the two?

The previously introduced Sedex was established by the United Kingdom, most of the customers from the UK. SA8000 is international and relatively common. If general merchants need to conduct such humane assessments, they will do SA8000.


Inspection scope of SA8000

The inspection scopes of SA8000 and Sedex are very similar, it can be divided into 5 categories:


1) Labor freedom and human rights

SA8000 pays attention to human rights and should be treated equally at all levels, such as the length of working hours of child labor, whether the laborers work voluntarily, are they forced to work overtime or work, and are they allowed to work after overtime. Does labor have enough rest?


In addition, labor should have the right to negotiate. It is also very important whether the factory allows labor to establish trade unions and speak for their own rights.


2) Health and safety of labor

Labor is the most important asset in the factory. The SA8000 will also inspect the factory environment during the evaluation. Does it provide a suitable and safe working environment for labor? If the factory provides residents, does the accommodation environment meet the standards? Is there any plan to provide workers with health checks to protect their physical conditions?


3) Equality and avoiding discrimination

Gender inequality and discrimination and obstruction due to nationality have occurred in many countries. What measures does the factory have to prevent discrimination in the factory? What guidelines does the factory have to avoid this situation, and how to deal with and prevent it if it happens?


4) Working hours, wages and promotion

A factory should have comprehensive guidelines to regulate the working hours of labor, so that labor have enough rest time and vacations, and their wages and work should be multiplied in proportion, and wages should not be exploited.


The factory should also formulate a set of promotion levels, each employee has the right to be promoted, and the promotion criteria should be made transparent.


5) Factory scale and management

A good factory should not only meet the above standards, but the management of the factory is also very important, which focuses on the management of documents. SA8000 will check factory government documents, production reports, inspection reports, etc.


To ensure the factory not only meets the SA8000 standards in all aspects but also meets the legal requirements of the country.


If you need to perform SA8000 for your factory, HKQCC can provide you with this service!


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