How can the Pre-Shipment Inspection solve the logistic problems?

How can the Pre-Shipment Inspection solve the logistic problems?

Pre-Shipment Inspection
2020-05-02   HKQCC

When your products ready for production, before shipping to all around the world, are you sure those package of the products is conform to the import country standard?


There are many different import shipping standards in a different country, some of the logistic companies have more specific rules. Once you do not conform to those standards, they may not able to let the product import to the country, you may need to pay more time and uncountable cost for it… That is why it is so important for Pre-Shipment Inspection!


For example, import the bulk product to the Philippines need to comply with the strict standard, from the product quality, quantity, or product value, those standard lays down by the Philippines government and customs. The pre-shipment inspection can only test by the inspection company who certificated by the government only. 


Another example is the logistic standard, like the Fulfilled by Amazon, to instead the seller to ship their goods to the buyer. They have serious standardized rules for packaging, to improve their procedure and save time.


How to define a complete pre-shipment inspection?

Before starting a pre-shipment inspection, there are few steps to follow it:

  1. Doing a physical inspection of goods, to make sure they are exact of the description.
  2. According to the client and import country requirement, to do the product sampling inspection.
  3. The inspection report will submit to the client within 24 hours after the inspection. 
  4. Issue the certification to the importer, to finish the rest import procedure.


HKQCC provides a complete Pre-Shipment Inspection, substitute you to do the sampling inspection in the factory, and issue the report and certificate after the inspection.