Fulfillment by Amazon Packaging Inspection Requirements

Fulfillment by Amazon Packaging Inspection Requirements

Pre-Shipment Inspection
2020-07-22   HKQCC

Customers always ask about the pre-shipment inspection requirements of Fulfillment by Amazon. Do we provide this type of service? Today we will introduce the pre-shipment requirements of Fulfillment by Amazon!


Fulfillment by Amazon is a logistics company set up by Amazon to help merchants solve logistics and transportation. Merchants can send goods directly to Fulfillment by Amazon. Amazon is responsible for warehousing, packaging, delivery, and return and exchange arrangements, reducing merchants’ logistics costs, and time.


Fulfillment by Amazon sounds attractive, right? However, there are many strict requirements and standards to use Fulfillment by Amazon’s service!


Most manufacturers know Fulfillment by Amazon and know well with their packaging guidelines. Before purchasing an order, remember to communicate with the manufacturer to make sure that your shipping destination is Fulfillment by Amazon and need to comply with Amazon’s requirements. The following introduction to the standards of Fulfillment by Amazon.


Fulfillment by Amazon has strict requirements on the packaging. 


(1) Barcode and FNSKU label

Each package must have a label and a barcode that can be scanned. If your products have different styles or colors, they must be separated and corresponded on the FNSKU label so that amazon can identify that.


(2) Different packaging requirements for loose products and set products

Different types of goods have different packaging methods. If your product is a set and sold in a combination of several different products, it must be packaged in advance when it is packaged and labeled with “sold as set” to identify the product category.


(3) Polybags with suffocation warning

Some products have warning notices, which also need to be indicated on the packaging, such as suffocation warning, no children can touch, etc.


(4) Manufacturer location

Products stored in amazon need to indicate the production location on the packaging (e.g. made in China), you may communicate with the manufacturer during production, to add the production location on the packaging.


Fulfillment by Amazon also has a series of packaging requirements, you can also browse the amazon website to see more


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