Different Types of Production Inspection in Hong Kong

Different Types of Production Inspection in Hong Kong

Third Party Inspection
2021-04-05   HKQCC

Production inspection is an essential element of quality control. It enables you to assess product quality on-site at multiple stages of the production process and before shipment. To prevent quality issues and supply chain disruptions, you should inspect your products before they leave the importer’s premises.

Thanks to the third-party inspection service, you can ensure that the products confined to the specific requirements defined. Most products need stringent testing and certifications. To comply with international standards, quality inspection at the source is necessary to mitigate import risks.

Inspection performed at a different stage of the manufacturing process:

  1. When You Need Initial Production Control

The initial product control is required to anticipate quality issues before the actual production process begins. The initial product inspection is performed on-site at the beginning of the production process. It is a preliminary inspection of machines and materials that is going to be used for the production.

Inspection production control is the first step in a process to ensure product quality throughout the production cycle. An IPC is a step taken to put your order on the right track. The third-party inspection service will use the internationally recognized statistical sampling standard.

  1. When You Require the During Production Check

The During Production Check is a type of inspection performed when 20% to 80% of the production is over. In the inspection, the inspector randomly selects units from production batches and informs you if the product adheres to a specification and deadlines at the origin of your order.

The During Production Check keeps your production on track. For each inspection, the inspector uses statistical sampling procedure standards.

  1. When You Need Pre-Shipment Inspection

pre-shipment inspection is performed when 100% of your production is completed and 80% is packed. The pre-shipment inspection helps take corrective measures before products are shipped. It provides you an overall quality view of your order. Pre-shipment inspection is an effective solution against import risks and financial significances.

For all types of product inspection, the performance, durability, overall appearance, features, and dimension of the product are checked.

Why is Production Inspection Necessary?

  • To ensure product quality at every production stage.
  • To check the quality at the source and not pay for the defective items.
  • To avoid remainders and maintain your market reputation.
  • To anticipate production and shipping timings.
  • To maximize the quality control budget.

A professional third-party inspection service can help you identify the steps required to correct non-compliances before shipment of the product.

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