AQL Inspection Service – Why is it Important in QC?

AQL Inspection Service – Why is it Important in QC?

AQL inspection service
2021-08-26   HKQCC

AQL (Acceptable Quality Levels or Acceptable Quality Limits) is defined as the highest number of defects allowed in a certain percentage of an entire order. Normally, the QC of products is done through random sampling & inspection. AQL sampling is the commonly used method in product inspection.

With the help of AQL inspection, the products are accepted with quality levels that are the least tolerable. It is representing the maximum number of defective units and beyond it, the entire batch is rejected. The AQL is set by the importer to define the critical & minor defects. The AQL of 1.5% means that no more than 1.5% of defective items in the order. Make sure you contact the right kind of AQL inspection service to make the QC job simpler.

Advantages of AQL inspection services –

It helps to save time during the inspection

Transparency is guaranteed with inspection of every unit of goods. But 100% inspection takes time! If you’re an importer, you probably might have agreed with the customers to meet the deadlines. The AQL inspection service saves a lot of time for QCs to inspect every product in the package. Inspection after the packaging stage requires repacking & thus ending up in wastage of a lot of time.

It is a cost-effective way to manage the quality of products

The time needed to inspect the products directly affects the cost of inspection! You need QC staff for inspection of products. The AQL inspection does not need to check all the produced items but only part of them based on standard sampling procedures. As a result, the AQL inspection requires less inspection hours and is less costly.

It provides an objective base for decision making

As the AQL inspection involves well defined statistical procedures, the inspection results are quantified and are clear for interpret. AQL sets a specific limit for the number of defects in a sample size. It is easy to make the decision of accepting or rejecting the product based on the AQL inspection results.

The AQL standards are highly flexible

AQL allows the customization of quality tolerance for products due to its high flexibility. There are 3 types of quality defects namely – critical, major, and minor. AQL inspection allows the selection of quality tolerances that are best suited for the product.

Many importers find it hard to revise the quality tolerances as the initial inspection results don’t align with the expectations. The AQL inspection service is ensuring the selection of quality products as per the set norms. Some limits are set for the number of defects to be found in a specific size of sample products.

The reading and statistics makes the decision-making process simpler for QCs to accept or reject the product based on results. Reach out to AQL inspection experts who can guide you with AQL limits & plans to release only quality products from the factory.

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