Why pre-shipment inspection is vital for manufacturing products?

Why pre-shipment inspection is vital for manufacturing products?

Pre-Shipment Inspection
2022-05-27   HKQCC

The entire process of manufacturing a product goes through a stringent set of processes. Inspection of products at the manufacturing stage and the end of production are critical to getting the best quality products in the market. The pre-shipment inspection is the type of product inspection done in the warehouse. It is important to check the final products before sending them to the market so that the best products reach the consumer. Take the best offer on the pre-shipment inspection so that you can save the cost of the re-production of specific items. 


The pre-shipment inspection involves checking the products before sending them to the importer for the sales process. The importer would like to get the best quality of products for the consumers and thus hiring an inspection expert to analyze the quality of the product before the shipment is so important. 


Let us look at some of the top benefits of pre-shipment inspection


1. Save the cost and time for the products in overseas manufacturing plants 

If the defective products can be found before shipment, you may ask for the factory or supplier to rework or replace the products before making the shipment so as to lower the cost of reworking on your own after receiving the products or send back to the factory to ask for replacement or rework. The pre-shipment inspection expert will assist you to perform the inspection on-site so that can ask for the factory to rework or replace the products immediately if found. 


2. Release the best products in the market 

As the inspection performed before the shipment, except for the defectives can be reworked or replaced by the factory, you may also have time to discuss the issues found during the inspection with the factory or supplier based on the inspection report so to ensure you are releasing the best quality products to the market and thus resulting in an increase of your product and company reputation.


3. Lower the complaints from customers related to the products 

By having a pre-shipment inspection by the experts and also your instructions to the factory based on the inspection found, the quality of the products should be at a high level. The chance of customers receiving a defective product will decrease and thus resulting in lower complaints about the product quality issues.


The inspection at each stage has its own importance. Reach out to the pre-shipment inspection expert to have more information and suggestions for the inspection of your product.