Why conduct Quality Control for Manufactured Products?

Why conduct Quality Control for Manufactured Products?

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2022-05-06   HKQCC


Quality control is essential for any manufactured product. This is especially true in plants located in Asia, where the cost of labour is much lower than in Western countries. Many companies choose to outsource production to Asia, but neglect to invest in quality control measures. It is therefore essential to contact an Asia Quality Control expert before importing any manufactured product in Asia.


What is Quality Control

Quality control is a system of processes and checks to ensure a product meets the required standards. It's a process that involves all stages of production, from the initial check on the quality of components and materials to the final finished products and packaging.


Benefits of Quality Control

The benefits of quality control are vast and varied. By having a rigorous quality control process in place, a company can ensure that its products meet or exceed the expectations of its customers. In addition, quality control can help to improve production efficiency and reduce the risk of receiving a batch of defective products. Perhaps most importantly, quality control can help to ensure the safety of the final product and protect the reputation of the company.


Types of Quality Control

There are several types of quality control that experts can help with manufactured products.


1- Final Random Inspection (FRI): - It carries out when it is 100% completed and at least 80% packed in export cartons. It is performed after the completion of the production process and the merchandise is ready & packed for shipment. It helps to verify the product and packaging workmanship, quantity, and standards in line with prescribed specifications & norms. Ensuring the outlook of the products & packaging are safe and sound before shipping out. Let you make a timely decision before taking a step to release the shipment.


2- Full Check: - Full Check is checking off all products & packaging of the entire shipment. By inspecting each piece of product, defectives can be sorted out per the client's specified quality standard. It is suggested to conduct when goods are 100% finished but before packed. There is a high probability of making faulty products in a batch due to faulty machines or human intervention. Full Check can take away all defective products for shipment and ensure product quality is up to a certain standard.



Although quality control is often viewed as an unnecessary expense, the benefits of implementing a quality control plan are indisputable. By ensuring that all processes and products meet the highest standards, you can protect your brand reputation, increase customer loyalty, and reduce the likelihood of costly recalls. The experts at Asia Quality Control can help you develop and implement a custom quality control plan that meets the specific needs of your business.