What are the Key Steps of Final Product Inspection?

What are the Key Steps of Final Product Inspection?

China Product Inspection Services
2022-01-19   HKQCC

Final Product Inspection

When importers look at a product inspection report, they must understand the steps of inspection process before the report arrives in their inbox. It is important to know how your product inspectors handle the final inspection process before the report is drafted. 

There are key stages in final product inspection to make sure that there are no errors in production or packaging. It prevents any serious quality or compliance issues before delivering products to the key markets.

The final product inspection is implemented when the production for the purchasing order is completed 100% and at least 80% packed in export cartons. A China product inspection service provides importers with critical insights if the production batch at the China manufacturing facility has met the consumers’ expectations on the quality and quality.

An importer may accept, reject, or negotiate with the manufacturer based on the final inspection report. Therefore, it is important to know that all the key steps are followed during the final product inspection.

Followings are key steps of the final product inspection that the product inspector follows to create a quality inspection report for importers:

Step One – Picking Samples

Picking product samples following selected quality standard from the production batches for quality checks is the key process of the final inspection. Product inspectors randomly select packed cartons from different batches based on the number of cartons at the site for shipment. Inspectors prepare the sampling size based on order size. Selected cartons are then transferred to the inspection area for inspecting.

Step Two – Product Packing Check

At this stage, product inspectors check the packing conditions and product specifications mentioned on the cartons against the importer’s specifications. It includes parameters such as:

• Packaging quality

• Shipping marks

• Quantity

• Logistic stickers

 • Barcodes, etc

Step Three – On-site Product Check

After packing inspection, product inspectors check the conformity of the products or goods manufactured as per the buyer’s specifications. Product samples are established by buyers to examine various quality parameters depending on the type of goods. The most common quality parameters include:

• Style

• Color

• Functionality

• Print and logos

• Product weight

• User test

• Parts and components

• User manual

• Assembling test

• Smell test

• Product stability test

• Workmanship and measurement

 • Any other factors as specified in the purchase contract!

Product inspectors also conduct carton drop testing and humidity testing to ensure product safety during the shipment and delivery process.

When the final product inspection is completed, the selected cartons are repacked by the factory workers. Product inspectors then prepare the inspection and QC report after conducting closing meeting with production manager and the inspection report is sent to the importer for review and follow-up actions. 

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