Quality Inspection Services for Contract Manufacturing in China

Quality Inspection Services for Contract Manufacturing in China

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2021-12-24   HKQCC

Contract Manufacturing in China

China is the global manufacturing hub. The China government has successfully contained the pandemic that has further strengthened China’s position in the global supply chain. Other Asian countries like Vietnam, India and Bangladesh are still struggling. In the coming year 2022, China is still the main global sourcing destination. Besides buying end products directly from factories, companies that run their own brands and private labels involve in contract manufacturing with China factories. They may be in different contract arrangements such as OEM or ODM, etc.  Irrespective to the manufacturing arrangements, there are various quality inspection services can help the importers. 

Inspection Services for Contract Manufacturing

A quality inspection company can provide various inspection services. There are 4 types of inspection services that are particularly relevant to contract manufacturing in China.  

1)  Factory Audit /Evaluation

In factory audit, the inspection company sends a professional inspector to visit the target factory in person. He will assess the physical environment, production capacity, technological capability, quality control system, human and corporate organization, licensing, certifications etc. The inspector will issue detailed audit report to verify the claims of the factory and to reflect any issues and problems.

2) Initial Production Check (IPC)

In the initial production check, the inspector checks if the raw materials and components for the production are correct and in good quality. He needs to check the production and quality control procedures are set up correctly. The IPC identifies any quality issues at the very beginning of the production so that correction measures are implemented early.

3)  During Production Check (DUPRO)

During production check also called receiving inspection, it aims to identify and eliminate quality issues from the production line when at least 25 % of finished product are produced. It enables the manufacturer to correct and improve the defects before the mass production.

4) Final Random Inspection (FRI)

Final random inspection or pre-shipment inspection is conducted when 100% of the production is completed and at least 80% of the products are packed in export cartons. This inspection is conducted using random sampling procedures based on international standard such as MIL-STD-105E, ANSI/ASQC Z1.4., etc. The inspection makes sure the product quality, product outlook, workmanship, packaging are confirmed with the specifications and requirements of the order.

How can a brand business make use of the services?

Business that running a brand or private label usually involves in contract manufacturing such as OEM or ODM.  The business provides its own product designs and technical specifications to the contract manufacturer to do the production. The business is deeply involved in the product development and manufacturing process. It should select the suitable service to handle the quality needs in the different production phases.

1) When look for a new OEM/ODM partner

There are many factories can provide contract manufacturing services in China. To find the suitable production partner, a business can look for the right candidates in digital platform like Alibaba. It then communicates with them and then short-list several with the highest potential. It is costly and time consuming to visit the factories in person, as well, a foreigner usually does not have local knowledge to verify information such as business licenses and legal certificates. Factory audit conducted by a quality inspection company achieves your objectives with minimum cost and certainty.

2) When produce a new product or work with a new manufacturer

Produce a new product or work with a new manufacturer always needs many preparations and calibrations to set up the production line. In addition, inspection needs to verify the quality of raw materials, components, machine setting, quality control procedures are confirmed with the requirements and plan. Any quality issues in mass production must be identified and corrected earlier to minimum the cost and wastage. In both cases, the in-process quality inspections composed of initial production check and during production check must be conducted to ensure the products with the right specifications and quality are produced. Final random inspection can use to safeguard against unexpected defect rate.

3) When produce a regular product with an old manufacturing partner

Accidents may happen and there is no perfect production process. It is always a smart move to conduct final random inspection on every shipment. In case if some orders have exceptional high defect, the importer can reject the defective cargoes. 


Businesses that do contract manufacturing usually involve deeply in the production process. They can use different types of inspections to fulfil their product quality control needs.  Partner with a professional inspection company like HKQCC to ensure the success of your China contract manufacturing operation.