How do China Product Inspection Services help Global Sourcing?

How do China Product Inspection Services help Global Sourcing?

China Product Inspection Services
2021-12-02   HKQCC

China is now the undeniable prime sourcing destination

The global manufacturing supply chain has undergone drastic changes in recent years. Major manufacturing hubs have shifted to countries in Asia like China, Vietnam, Pakistan, India. Since the outbreak of pandemic, China with its fast and effective anti-pandemic measures, has recovered its production capacity after a short interruption and remains the world manufacturing centre thereafter. Switching products sourcing completely away from China to other Asian countries has been proved not a wise decision at all. Any business who eyes on distributing their products to the global market besides those international brands or global retailers, China is still the prime sourcing destination.

According to the recent data of the inspection industry, the average beyond AQL rates of Asian countries is in the range from 30% to 50%. Though China is at the lowest end at around 30% and some countries are very much higher, it is still a significant loss if one-third of the items imported are defective. Even if the suppliers are willing to handle product return, the process can be complex and time consuming and it is likely hard to cover the financial and reputation loss. Therefore, China product inspection services are essential to safeguard the success of the sourcing activities of the global business operation.

The benefits of using China product inspection services

Mass production process is hardly 100% free of defective items. It becomes an issue if the defective rate is excessive that cross the quality limit acceptable by the importer. Moreover, the importer also needs to ensure the products are compliant with the product safety standard and government regulations. Any derivations can cause financial and reputation loss that affect the business negatively. China product inspection services help to mitigate the costly import risks. 

Besides, by hiring a China inspection agency, the importer can manage an effective product quality program with a fraction of the cost of an inhouse QC team. The inspection services also provide the flexibility that an inhouse team cannot match. 

The inspection agency as an independent third party, it can provide impartial assessments. This arrangement can remove disputes caused by mistrust between the supplier and the buyer if the inspections are conducted by the two parties. Moreover, by involving a professional party in the process, the inspection process can be conducted smoothly according to the best practices. 

Finally, a China product inspection company can provide different kinds of inspection services such as factory audit, pre-shipment inspection, initial production check and during production inspection that cover the importers’ various quality control needs. 

What is the process of a typical product inspection in China?

Many traders and importers purchase end products from China manufacturers. AQL inspection is the most cost-effective and popular type of product inspection. For the AQL inspection, it can be divided in a few steps.

1) The buyer sends the product quantities, product details and the contact information of the supplier along with an estimate of shipment date to the product inspection company.

2) The customer service manager of the inspection company then defines the sample size based on the AQL sampling plan by communicating with the buyer.

3) Quality parameters are defined according to the product category. Inspection plan is made for major and minor defects as well as their acceptable limit.

4) Inspection date is then set, and inspection is implemented accordingly. 

5) Inspect report is issued based on the inspection results and will be sent to the buyer within 24 hours after the inspection is completed.

How to choose the right China product inspection service for your business needs?

Product inspection services are used to identify and remedy any potential risks associated with a product. These services provide customers with the assurance that the products they purchase are safe for use. The inspectors also offer advice on how to maintain those products in pristine condition. 

To find a trusted and suitable product inspection agency, you should look at their professional qualifications, experience and expertise in the industry and product segments, their physical presence, local knowledge, and connections in the countries of interest. In addition, the types of inspection provided and the pricing plans.


Whether you like it or not, China is the most important global manufacturing centre now and in the foreseeable future. Any serious businesses with global ambitious must hold on to China as a sourcing destination. With the increased in regulation pressure, stricter quality requirements and higher consumer expectations, product risks must be managed properly to ensure business success. Choosing a reliable China product inspection partner will provide you with distinct competitive advantage over your competitors.