Ensure Quality Production with Vietnam Inspection Services

Ensure Quality Production with Vietnam Inspection Services

Product Inspection in Vietnam
2021-10-30   HKQCC

As China has been moving away from labor intensive industries to segments weight much on technologies and capital, many Asian countries are quickly moving in to fill the vacancy, Vietnam is on of them. Though the global pandemic has slowed down the process a bit. Asian developing countries which have large pool of cheap labor would still attract the production of light industrial goods such as garments, footwear, and electronics in the coming decades.

Vietnam transformed itself into a new manufacturing center after its joint the WTO in 2007. Many Japanese and Korean companies started to produce merchandises in the country, then the Chinese and European followed. Though 13 years have passed after acquired the WTO membership, Vietnam is still a young industrial nation. There are many new factories and many of them may not have good quality control system or there are holes in their quality management process. Many businesses may expect their own inspection teams to do the checks but cost and time factors might make the attempts fail. Getting assistance from inspection experts with good track record can solve their problems. Whether you choose Pre-Production Inspections (PPIs) or Pre-shipment Inspection (After Production Completed) depend very much on how you involve in the production process and your working relationship with the manufacturer. Actual PPIs may fit you if you want to influence your new production partner to adopt a quality control system in his manufacturing process. However, hiring a professional quality inspection service with local knowledge is still the smartest option to implement your Vietnam Quality inspection

Here are the top features or benefits of pre-product inspection –

• It provides a clear understanding of production schedules. The inspectors analyze the condition of the production process and thus suggest relevant ideas to ensure a flawless inspection. 

• The inspection also helps in the identification of potential problems that might impact the entire project or the product quality. 

• The business or brand can be sure that their products are developed under the supervision of experts and only the best products are reaching the market for sale.

 • Make sure that the reputation of products remains in the right place with help of product inspection in the region. The brand name excels once the inspection is on the right terms. It is vital to contact the reputed inspectors to get the desired outcomes for relevant products. 

• You get assurance of the quality of raw materials at the start of production. One of the finer points to be kept in mind is to use only quality raw materials for production. Make sure that the experts only use quality raw materials for the desired production of quality materials. 

Inspections done before production or after production are critical to getting the desired results out of the production cycle. Analyze the risks associated with the production process and thus get to use the best production methodology to produce the desired products. Businesses can be sure of getting the supplies on time after verifications from the inspectors. For producing quality products, you need to dedicate some time to the entire process. 

Make sure you can access reliable professionals who can do Vietnam inspection for you. Besides, solid field knowledge and good experience on handling the products, the inspection service should have good local knowledge and physical operation unit in Vietnam. You should shortlist the inspection companies with good potential and check if their range of services, pricing and service supports before making your hiring decision.


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