Benefits of Pre-shipment Inspection in Global Sourcing

Benefits of Pre-shipment Inspection in Global Sourcing

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2021-10-19   HKQCC

Final Random Inspection

With the massive shifting of manufacturing capacity to developing countries such as China, Vietnam, India and other Asia Countries, the importers and traders of the developed countries need reliable measures to protect themselves from buying low quality products. Product Quality inspections provided by the 3rd Party Inspection companies is the most cost-effective approach adopted by many businesses. If you buy regular products from an old supplier or you do not concern much with the product manufacturing process, then pre-shipment inspection or final random check can serve your business needs well.  

Pre-shipment inspection is carried out when the production of the shipping cargo is 100% completed and at least 80% of it is packed in cartons. The goods are selected for checking by random sampling method that adheres to the international quality standard such as MIL-STD or ANSI, etc. The inspection verifies if the goods meet the requirements in term of quantity, quality, specifications, and regulations. 

How important is pre-shipment inspection?

The importer must review the quantity and quality of the merchandises before they are shipped out. In the pre-shipment inspection, the quality inspector always checks the products for any defects. He assures that products meet the safety requirements and design regulations of the destinations. Pre-shipment inspection can enhance the reputation of the manufacturing companies if the inspection results are always favorable. It proved that the products of the manufacturers are always in good quality that meet the specifications and legal requirements of the buyers. Besides as a cost-effective quality control measure for the importer, pre-shipment can help the manufacturer to build up their quality control standard while learn from the feedbacks of each inspection.

Why should we get a pre-shipment inspection?

A pre-shipment inspection can effectively reduce the defective product risk. The inspection conducted by the independent third-party company gives you the peace of mind that the products you ordered are in good shape before dispatch. You must use one or other type of quality inspection service. It may be too costly to use the 100% full check. The pre-shipment inspection which is a random check that can give a good balance on the inspection cost and the quality control objective. 

Summaries on the top benefits of pre-shipment inspection:

• This inspection helps you verify the quality of your products, and they can meet the specifications and all requirements appropriately.

• It keeps the quality of the shipment at the expected level based on the AQL that agreed between the buy and sell party. It provides standard procedures to handle quality disputes and reduces the risk of damage and undermined effects due to excessive product defect rate.

• Pre-shipment checks if the shipping remarks & labels are fully attached on the cartons and the products are packed properly to protect the brand image.

• It ensures right products are dispatched and no wastage on time and money due to shipment of wrong products.

Thus,  pre-shipment inspection is an important tool for your global sourcing operation. If you need this cost-effective measure to guard against the quality issues on importing from China and Asian Countries, give us a message or send us an email. Our customer team will contact you promptly.


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