3 Reasons Why Pre-shipment Inspection Is So Important

3 Reasons Why Pre-shipment Inspection Is So Important

Pre-Shipment Inspection
2020-07-17   HKQCC

Many merchants and manufacturers obtain samples, they will place the orders directly to arrange shipments and ignore the pre-shipment inspection, when they received the product, there have various problems, resulting in failure to ship or loss of money.


Why is pre-shipment inspection so important?


(1) Make sure that the manufacturer’s goods exactly as your requirements

Have you tried online shopping, but received goods that are out of line?

Some manufacturers will send good products as samples. When you are very satisfied and place an order without product inspection, the manufacturer will deliver the defective goods when the formal order is placed. These defective goods will be delivered to you. You cannot be held accountable.


Product inspection can help you check whether the product you purchased meets your requirements, whether it is damaged or missed, reduce the risk of incorrect return of the goods and lead to a return, and avoid increasing transportation costs.


(2) Packaging meets the requirements of logistics companies

Some merchants send the address directly to a third-party logistics company (such as Fulfillment by Amazon), and they are responsible for handling the shipment. They have strict guidelines and packaging requirements. If they do not fit, they have the right to refuse the goods.


Pre-shipment inspection can ensure that the packaging of each box of goods fits the standard, reducing the chance of rejection.


(3) Increase your confidence in trading

The transactions you conduct are usually in China, you cannot go to inspect the product in person, you can only communicate with the manufacturer through e-mail, and you may not know the status of the product and the packaging.


In addition to helping you inspect the quality of the product, the pre-shipment inspection can also increase your confidence in the transaction, because you can faithfully know the status of the product through the photo of the inspection report, to ensure that the packaging meets the requirements of the logistics company, greatly reducing your order doubts.


HKQCC has many years of pre-shipment inspection experience, and there are professional inspectors around the world to provide you with services.


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