product inspection
Product Inspection

What is Product Inspection Service and Why is it Important?

A product inspection service is also termed as a pre-shipment inspection service in the product manufacturing and supplying industry. It is the most important process that ensures the quality of the products as per the industry standards. Product Inspection Services ensure that the manufacturer will replace/rework the defective products to minimize the production loss due to the defected products.

Product inspection is done by an inspection company at the manufacturing plant before ship out to foreign countries for selling. If you place a bulk order with a foreign manufacturer then this process becomes very important to make sure that you are receiving the order as per your requirements. As you can’t available to that place during the process, you can hire a professional product inspection service to complete the quality control process on your behalf.

A product inspection process includes the following services:

Inspection Service China
Product Inspection Service
  • Sampling plans
  • Determine Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL)
  • Audit and verify the quality
  • Weight & quantity check
  • Reporting

A product inspection or pre-shipment inspection process should be done on a mandatory basis. Here’re some of the reasons why product inspection or Quality Control Process is important for any business:

  • It ensures the quality of the product on different industry standards
  • It helps you determine the defection percentage in your final shipment
  • It reduces your production cost loss
  • It ensures product quality as different stages of production
  • It checks the essential safety standards as per market regulations
  • It protects your brand reputation
  • It optimizes your quality control budget
  • It reduces the revenue loss due to the defected products
  • It checks the final packaging before shipment

So, if you are into a business that requires product manufacturing at foreign facilities, you should search and find the best product shipment service at the location where your manufacturing facility is located. Here’re some points that you should consider while finding the right product inspection service for your job:

  • Look for all the available options available there and make a list of them for the screening purpose.
  • Go through their websites to take a look at the kinds of inspection services they offer.
  • Look what kind of industries they serve for the pre-shipment inspection and quality control process.
  • Look if they are certified by the standard market authorities to do this job.
  • Look if they follow the international standards and regulations for the quality check and product inspection.
  • Take a look at their product inspection process and if they are doing it as per your business requirements or not.
  • Compare the charges of different service providers to find the best one in your budget.
  • Look for the online recommendation. Check the online reviews and testimonials of different product inspection service providers in the location to find out the best and professional one.

Likewise, if your manufacturing facility is located in China or Hong Kong, you can easily search and find a China Product Inspection Service as per your requirements. These services offer industry-standard results to make sure that you will receive less or defective products in your shipment. It makes sure that your products are market-ready and can go on sale immediately after final packaging at your unit.