Third-Party Inspection
Third Party Inspection

Third-Party Inspection: When and Why Do You Need It?

As an importer, from the time you place your order to a supplier to the time you receive the delivery is complicated. You get lots of questions in your mind like- Is the supplier real?  Are they trustworthy? Will they deliver the goods on time? Will the goods be of good quality? And so on.

You can verify the genuineness of the supplier by checking their background and staying in contact and keep track of delivery time with them regularly. But the biggest problem that bothers you is the quality of the goods. You cannot visit on-site for checking. You can only see other buyers’ review and you have to wait for the products arrive to know the quality and see if the supplier has fulfilled your expectations.

If the products’ quality is unsatisfactory, it will increase your cost and time to deal with the supplier how to fix the defects. If your products can be inspected beforehand and you may receive a better version. Hiring a Third-Party Inspection Company will be good for you. Inspector can go to factory, inspect quality of goods as well as packaging, match your requirements with actual products and you can have a better control of the products and delivery time.

Other than inspecting the quality of the products, a third-party inspection helps in many other ways. You only need to hire the company at the right time.

The need or the right time to hire a third party inspection company

  • If you are working with new suppliers
  • If you wish to have a better shipment control
  • If you want to address quality-related issues on time
  • If you are purchasing premium products
  • If you have faced product quality issues repeatedly

Benefits of hiring a third-party inspection company

Know more about the new supplier

Third-Party Inspection Company
                  Third-Party Inspection Company

You find a new supplier and want to check if supplier produces good quality products and have a factory where products are produced probably. You can hire an Inspection Company to check the products before delivery and you may also request to have a factory audit to see if the factory’s production environment and equipment are up to standard for producing your products.

Remove and eliminate potential quality risk

Other than determining the quality of goods, the inspection helps improving the quality and delivering defect-free products. The inspector ensures that the correct materials and requirements are used in manufacturing and eliminate potential defects.

Improve communication between suppliers and importers

It is important for importer to maintain good relationship with supplier. You are not just import from same supplier once at a time, if the products with good selling. You may reorder the products.

While importers may have miscommunication of cross boarder business or quality argument with suppliers. The inspection companies can act as a buffer and advisor for importers and provide advice on how to handle with the quality issues. They act as the middleman and gives correct updates of inspection progress so that you can have better control of shipping schedule.

Improve transparency and prevent inappropriate expectations 

It’s very important to maintain transparency in the relationship between a supplier and an importer. Due to professionalism, transparency is limited which leads to lots of unspoken words and expectations. With the help of a third-party inspection company, the level of transparency is increased because everything is clarified before starting the production process. It keeps things go smooth.

Hiring a Third-Party Inspection Company is a way to secure your order and expense. So, look for a certified and well-reputed company to get the desired result.

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