Product Inspection

Things That You Need To Know Related To Product Inspection

Product quality is the most top driver for the organizational success and it is important to maintain the quality of the product. The production companies need to maintain quality as the machines and equipment do have breakdowns. It results in the destabilization of the production process, which causes the production of default products that don’t meet the specified requirements & specifications. Thus, the necessity of product inspection and testing is crucial to the delivery of the products complying with the specifications as needed.

The quality level of the products will be determined by inspection and testing. These activities verify the product quality as well to ensure that the results of the manufacturing process as expected. The product inspection processes uncover the defects in the products and report to the production management to allow the product release. It is the most common methods of attaining standardization, uniformity, and quality of workmanship. Inspection becomes the most important part in controlling the product quality by comparing it with the established standards and specifications.

Why get a product inspection?

Product inspection ensures the following –

  • Verify quality at the source and don’t pay for the defective goods
  • Avoid reputational damage and recalls
  • Anticipate the production and shipment delays
  • Optimizing the quality control budget

Inspection of goods after product completion is often too late and it might happen that the whole order is found unsellable just before shipment. The factories will find to repair the finished products in case there is any flaw in the products and later the companies need to re-order and re-produce the product again. Buyers are advised to force the supplier to work on a corrective action plan in case of any quality problem.

When to conduct a production inspection?

The ideal time is depending on the product type developed by the factory. Few rules of the thumb can be followed for 80% of consumer goods and if the conditions are true –

    • The factory is used to make such kind of product involving the level of complexity.
    • The cycle time to get the finished products out of the line is no more than 10 days.

The very first products that get off the line are not representative of average quality and the factory needs to have time for the internal QC. You better be sure to find quality issues through product inspection after going through a few processes. It is depending on the product type, but the firms usually don’t have the expertise to do that.

Inspection is occurring outside the laboratory, at a place where the product is produced. It is primarily focused on the appearance, construction, and basic function of the product. The functions include measuring, examining, testing, gauging or otherwise comparing the findings with applicable requirements. For effective inspection during the product manufacturing, make sure you are provided adequate resources for the production. The prime objectives of the inspection are to certify the product quality and minimize the quality issues.