Product Inspection in Vietnam
Product Inspection in Vietnam

The 3 Types of Product Inspection

As a manufacturer, you often think that every product manufactured in your unit is great with guaranteed quality. But for a moment, consider yourself as an importer or buyer who is waiting for the products to ship.

Will it be easy for you to trust the manufacturer? Do you have the confidence that the manufacturer has manufactured the products as your given specifications?

According to us, it won’t be easy for you, especially if it’s your first time deal with this manufacturer. To remove the suspicion and avoid any unwanted surprise after the shipment of the products, you should opt for Product Inspection in Vietnam or any other locations. And as a manufacturer, you should welcome the inspection with an open heart.

We know getting product inspection is a costly service, but it’s the only way to ensure the quality of the products. If you are on a tight budget, we recommend opting for the most suitable product inspection type. The types are divided based on the stages of production.

To make it clearer, we have mentioned the common types of product inspection and when should they be performed.

  1. Pre-production inspection

    Product Inspection in Vietnam
                    Product Inspection in Vietnam

As the name suggests, the product inspection type is performed before the actual production begins. The primary aim of pre-production inspection is to inspect the raw materials and other components used in manufacturing. Pre-production inspection helps in eliminating poor quality components before mass production.

If the components are inspected on time, buyers save a huge time and money on the manufacturing process. The manufacturers neither have to repeat the process nor waste time in making changes. Also, wastage is minimized.

  1. During production inspection

As the name suggests, the experts conduct Product Inspection in Vietnam when 20 to 60% of production is complete. In other words, this inspection is performed during the manufacturing process.

The inspection during production is performed for checking the goods during various productions along with material and workflow. This inspection type is beneficial for products that involve many different processes and are vulnerable to defects. In this, buyers get to know the issues as they occur during manufacturing.

  1. Pre-shipment or final inspection 

As the name suggests, pre-shipment inspection is conducted when the production of the good is 100% complete and ready loading into containers for shipping. Sometimes, buyers prefer final inspection after completion of 80% of production so that they rework on the same if required.

It is the most preferred product inspection stage as buyers get the up-to-date status of the order and realistic expectations about work quality. Buyers or importers either conduct this inspection in combination with other types or solely.

So, these were the 3 common product inspection types. Before opting for any one or all of these, you should know your needs and expectations from the inspection process. The reports in all the three stages/types will be different, so you should be very specific in your thoughts and selection.

Lastly, look for an experienced and certified Product Inspector in Vietnam for the desired result.

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