Product Inspection

Pre Shipment Inspection is the for High Quality Assurance

It is a general practice followed by the various entrepreneurs to procure goods and materials from the different parts of the world. Nonetheless, before clearing the dues of the consignment, they should ensure that the shipped products are appropriate for the purpose.

Therefore, it is vital to examine all goods independently before the dispatch. This creates an urge for the dependable quality control mechanism to make sure that the quality of the goods is maintained that is rendered by the supplier. The whole procedure is called pre-shipment Inspection (PSI). Altogether, it is an important aspect of the supply chain management. Usually, an inspection is carried out to guarantee the complete mechanism that is adopted during loading, packaging, and making the goods.

PSI services may be availed when commodity items are received by using a letter of credit (LC). The LC involves the bank of the seller and also that of the buyer. In this situation, a certificate is issued, which implies the quality of the product. This piece of paper is sent to the bank of the buyer, and then only the payment is released on the consignment. Banks maintain the rights to hold the payment if the bank is not satisfied with the certificate produced by the seller. Nonetheless, other documents are also submitted along with the letter of credit. Through this technique, the interest of the buyer is secured; hence he or she can have peace in the mind. In the same way, you can also procure the China certification.

Therefore, the involvement of top quality China technical passport service is vital. Other than this, important necessities are pre-defined in the letter of credit. Nonetheless, the application of those stipulations only relies upon the mutual agreement of the buyer and the seller.

Nowadays, there are various agencies, comprising the state-owned and private ones, which provide pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) service. Nonetheless, the state-owned agencies are less with respect to the privately owned ones. Though the state-owned agencies are truly reliable, as the involvement of the government body ensures the objectivity and independence.

Aside from the above-specified criteria, there are various companies also, that offer the best quality PSI and certification service. These are the privately held organizations that offer their services to the market at reasonable cost. Nonetheless, the service quality of this organization is always doubted, as these companies may be persuaded by the manufacturers for money. Usually, private companies are small, hence they get tempted easily. The manufacturer may pay the private PSI companies in order to produce the report in his favor. Even the banks don’t rely on the PSI companies easily.

Mainly, the standards of PSI are laid down by the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) and the American National Standard Institute (ANSI). All the quality control agencies are stipulated by these two companies.

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