Third Party Inspection
Third Party Inspection

Know How Third-party Inspection Can Help You Improve Product Quality

Internet is flooded with reports and news of importers or buyers recalling products to suppliers. Although the loss they have suffered are due to lacking proper product quality inspection, many importers are still not ready to learn from the experience.

In this process, importers often blame suppliers for supplying poor quality products. They often file for the claim and wish to get back the money paid. But should the suppliers be blamed? Are only the manufacturers responsible for the poor product quality? Certainly, they are not according to our experience.

We know it is difficult to keep a check and ensure product quality when the supplier is an ocean away and you cannot visit the factory physically. But who said you need to visit the factory? The best way is to hire a third party inspection service from a reputable company like the Hong Kong Q.C. Center Ltd.

Under the service, a team of professionals will travel to the factory and select the products at random based on the industry-standard sampling procedure. After sampling, the quality inspectors will perform a range of tests to ensure that the products checked are in line with specifications. They even take photographs for proof.

third party inspection
                                                    Third party inspection

Based on the tests, the quality inspectors prepare a report with the remark as Pass, Fail, or On-Hold. The report is sent to the importer for making the appropriated decision or taking corrective actions if required.

The inspection process is well-defined; it is you who must use the service in the right way.

You should conduct a quality inspection at the factory to catch defects early

Due to the distance, importers often prefer to inspect and test the product after shipment. They may wish to eyewitness and manage the inspection process themselves. However, this approach is not useful at all.

The process is designed to catch the defects before the orders leave the factory so that suppliers get time to deal with the problems. If the inspection is conduct after shipment, it will be too late to deal with the problems. It is most importantly that the suppliers will not make the changes without additional charges. Factory inspection is important for early detection and improvement.

You should use the quality inspection to gain leverage with the factory 

Across the border deals often leave the importers at the mercy of the supplier. Importers feel powerless because they cannot see what are happening in the factory. They can only rely on the information from the suppliers. This information asymmetric places the importers in disadvantage position comparing with the suppliers.

With the third-party inspection service, you can improve your position. You can define a rule of periodic inspection in the factory. The inspection report will provide insights into the status of your order and you will likely get to see the accurate picture of the supplier. Then the third-party inspection service can hold the suppliers accountable for their works.

You should use data from your report to track progress over time 

With regular third-party inspection at the supplier’s factory, you will get all the updates on the progress of the production. You will know how the supplier is working on your products. The inspection report will give you objective data for making correct decisions.

Combining the data from all the inspection reports will help you know the status of the supplier. And it will give a clearer picture if you should continue the deal.

A third-party inspection is a strong tool for importers. It protects the brand reputation by identifying the product quality problems. Also, it can enhance your working relationship with the supplier if you use the service sensibly.

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