Product Inspection

Factory audit services will help improve the quality of your suppliers

Factory audits are very important for accessing the quality of the product finally going into the market. It is the program aimed at assessing a facility’s quality systems and capabilities in accordance with the standards set by the client. It makes sure that vendors and suppliers are able to undertake a specific order as per the need. Improve the efficiency and productivity of the vendors & suppliers through process improvement as well as reduced rework. It minimizes the risk with audits that and suppliers can deliver products to meet the client requirements as well as statutory/regulatory requirements. The reliability and quality of products are guaranteed.

How are factory audit services important?

Factory audit services refer to the onsite factory inspection carried out on the behalf of an importer at the premises of the manufacturer before placing an order. The audit service is aimed at avoiding getting involved in a bind working with the wrong factory. The auditor records data at the time of factory audit and takes pictures of all the essential aspects of the importer’s reference for them to have an in-depth feeling. Get a sense of the factory before signing any contract.

Suppliers often make bold claims about the facilities, equipment, and internal quality control procedures to win a business. The best way to verify such claims is to visit the supplier and observe their capabilities. A factory audit service provider will dispatch their experience auditors to your suppliers, with the goal of quantifying their level of professionalism and production capabilities. After the audit, a detailed report is then submitted for your review, including images of all production, dormitory, meetings, and storage areas of your supplier’s facility. Also, the auditor can investigate the factory’s adherence to ethical standards related to health and safety, employee compensation, illegal labor, and sustainability.

What is the difference between factory audit and quality inspection?

Quality inspection refers to the measures that are targeted at checking, measuring and testing the various product characteristics and then relating the results to the requirements to comply with laid down regulations. It is conducted by specialized personnel and cannot be handled by production workers. Quality inspection identifies the problem with the quality. There are 2 types of inspection namely final inspection and intermediate inspection. Final inspection is carried out at the end of the inspection and intermediate inspection is carried out at several stages.

Often factory audits are the last step in the sourcing process. It takes place after screening of a group of potential suppliers down to the serious ones. It is also the most expensive form of evaluating suppliers, but it provides the most in-depth details about the quality of the product. At many places surprise audits are taking place for the getting the best result of placing any order and it saves the importer from any potential disaster, money loss, and business failure. Accurate information will help you determine the right supplier for doing business.