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Don’t Get Confused Between Product Testing and Product Inspection: Know the 5 Major Differences

Have you started importing from a foreign country for your business?

If yes, then you should be very particular and specific to the products that your supplier is supplying. You should know whether the supplier is following the requirements given by you or not. The final The products that you receive should be as per your specifications and the mentioned requirements.

But, the problem is how you will know the quality of the product?

In this regard, importers often get confused between Product Inspection and product testing. It
becomes difficult for them to decide which service to hire and how it will benefit them. Sometimes, both the services are important for the importers.

Here, in this blog, we have mentioned differences between the product inspection and product
testing for your reference.

1) Difference based on the definition

Product inspection- It is conducted at the factory manufacturing your product. The product inspection checks the appearance, workmanship, and basic function of a product. The checking of the goods under this service should go according to specifications and requirements.

Product testing- In contrast to product inspection, product testing is performed at a certified third part laboratory and not in the manufacturing unit. In case it is conducted on-site (rarely happens), it can go along with the third-party inspection process.

2) Difference based on who conducts the process

Product inspection- The process is conducted by third-party inspectors, full-time inspectors working for the buyer, buyers, or the supplier’s staff members.

Product testing- The process is conducted by a certified third-party laboratory or the factories that
are equipped with well-established laboratories to perform the testing. No other centers can test the products.

3) Difference based on 3me to conduct the process

product inspection
Product Inspection

Product inspection- The most common time for product inspection is before ship out when 1titi% of the order is completed and at least 8ti% packed. It is also known as pre-shipment inspection. It is the bare minimum quantity for the sampling and inspection process.

Product testing- The process is conducted before mass production to get the approved sample for further production. Later, the process is conducted to test the quality of the finished and semifinished goods.

4) Difference based numbers of unit checked

Product inspection- The number of units used for inspection is not definite. It depends on the
quantites of the shipment and customers’ quality standard. Besides, products with a pass record of high defective rate or return products require a bigger sampling size. Sometimes, the full check may require by customers to guarantee product quality.

Product testing- There is nothing to worry about unit quantity for the product testing process. It’s easy to get the result from the laboratory by testing a few units or a small sample of the material.

5) Difference based on benefits for the buyers

Product inspection- Irrespective of the industry types, every buyer gets to benefit from product
inspection. Whether you are dealing with food, garments, textiles, or automobiles, you can hire
Product Inspection in China.

Product testing- Product testing depends on the buyer’s requirements. If importers have to comply with the regulations governing their product, have to look at Acer safety concerns and wish to compare with the competing products, they should go for product testing.

These are 5 differences between product inspection and product testing. So, we hope you will hire the right service for your business.

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