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Advantages of Hiring a Third Party Inspection Agency

A majority of the suppliers or manufacturers respond negatively to an importer recommending them that they would prefer to hire the services of a third party inspection company to check the quality of the final product at the factory. You might get to hear some phrases from the mouth of the supplier such as “we don’t need their services, we have our own quality control and inspection staff”.

And honestly, it is unfair to blame them. They are being asked to let a stranger come into their factory and inspect their products. It is understandable that some of the suppliers might feel that they are being subjected to scrutiny from a stranger from outside. But all the importer wants is to have an extra set of eyes on the product to ensure that it meets the necessary requirements before shipping.

However, if the manufacturers were to know about a large number of benefits of hiring the services of an Inspection Company then they would not be as hesitant as they usually are. Some of those advantages are mentioned below.

  • Improved product quality:
    Oneof the most significant benefits of hiring third-party inspectors for suppliers is the quality enhancement that it often provides.At times, inspection tends to reveal a product defect that is quite easy to prevent. It doesn’t matter if the defect is major, minor, or critical, knowing about the defect before the shipment process helps the supplier or manufacturer address the root cause in order to rectify the underlying problem of the product.
  • Improved relationships with customers:
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    Another one of the benefits of third-party inspectors inspecting the products is that it helps you improve the relationship that you currently have with your supplier.
    An importer that doesn’t have any sort of external oversight into the condition of their order is not sure what they have paid for until they receive the finished goods. Similarly, the supplier can’t get any feedback from their customers until the finished goods reach the customers. By improving the quality of the products, it is naturally bound to improve the relationship between the two.

  • Less disruption:
    As much as it is important and helpful for an importer to visit the supplier, but it is also necessary to acknowledge that visiting a factory in order to conduct product inspection can turn out to be quite disruptive. On the other hand, a professional Inspection Company is very knowledgeable about the inspection process. Professional inspectors tend to work more efficiently in order to inspect as many units of product in a limited period of time.

So, if you are working with any supplier and they are hesitant to allow a third party Inspection Company to inspect their products, you must remind them of these above-mentioned benefits.

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