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Advantages of Choosing AQL Inspection Method Over Others

Many of you must have bought products that are manufactured overseas, and you may have also wondered about how product inspectors decide on the number of units to inspect. You might have also heard the term “AQL” used when talking about quality control and contemplated if you should be getting AQL Inspection Service.

What is AQL?

AQL is an acronym for Acceptable Quality Levels or Acceptable Quality Limits. AQL is defined as the highest number of defects that are allowed in a certain percentage of an entire order.

When talking about inspecting an order effectively, it is a good idea to just pick a random sample and inspect it. Anyone who has adequate knowledge of basic statistics can let you know that there are millions of ways to come up with an efficient sampling plan. However, there is one kind of plan that is the most commonly used for sampling goods for product inspection, which is AQL.

You may wonder why product inspectors would not check 100 percent of order, instead of just checking a sample of it. Or you might think that is it better to inspect a fixed percentage of the total quantity of the order, like 10 or 20 percent of the units. However, sampling with AQL provides numerous benefits that continue to make AQL sampling the most common approach to manage product quality. Some of those advantages are as follows.

  • Sampling tends to save time during the inspection:
    Choosing to inspect every single unit in order provides the most transparency and oversight. But it is likely to consume a large amount of time. And you have probably agreed with your clients to meet certain deadlines. The time that is required to inspect every single unit is likely to need more production time, so in order to avoid it, it is better to go with AQL as it takes far less time.
  • Clear inspection results:
    As acceptance sampling is done on the basis of statistics, it produces inspection results that are easier and clearer to interpret as compared to other methods. AQL tends to set some particular limits for the number of defects that are allowed to be found in a specific sample size. The result of the inspection is usually “fail” when the number of defects found is exceeding a specific limit. Then you have to make a comparatively easy decision to either accept or reject the product on the basis of this particular result.
  • Cost-effective:
    It is known that the cost of the inspection is usually directly related to the time taken to inspect. So, a longer and more severe inspection tends to need more QC staff for a factory and that too for a longer period of time. And the more days or inspectors on-site, the cost of inspection would be higher. But that is not the case if you hire AQL Inspection Service from a reputed company. Less time and inspectors are required to complete the inspection, making it cheaper.

Now you know about some of the benefits associated with approaching your product inspection with AQL inspection service.

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